Last week I told the first part of Zoey’s birth story, you can go read that HERE. I bring you Part Two!


By 10pm, I’m laboring pretty hard. Contraction are right one top of each other. Time seems to be moving so slowly- or perhaps time has essentially stopped. I’ve never experience time stopping before, or the ability to not care about the time. It was rather supernatural. My midwife checked me at some point after 10. I had not progressed at all- despite being in very active labor. It was at this point our midwife suggested we go to the hospital. I had not cried one time since labor began nearly 4 days ago. I broke down. I was so fearful of the hospital. I did not want to go. Nancy talked with Luis and my Mom and they decided it was best I transfer. I felt defeated.

Remember when I said the car ride to the birthing center was the worst, well I lied. The ride to Hospital was the worst car ride ever. I had an I.V. in my arm, was in FULL ON LABOR, riding in a bouncy Subaru, down a county back-road, in the middle of the night. And, my midwife stopped for gas! As rough as that was, I survived. It’s always funny looking back and realizing silly things bothered you!

I’m not entirely sure what time we got to the hospital, but they made me sit in a wheelchair, which was so awful. I did not want to sit- what pregnant woman in labor wants to sit down!? I am admitted into the birth center. I’m taken to my room, the poke and prod. One of the nurses was actually my elementary school nurse from when I was in 2nd grade! How crazy is that! Once they check all of my vitals, they let me walk around the Maternity hall. I meet Dr. Smith, who would be delivering my baby. He starts talking to me in the middle of a contraction, I mean really, c’mon! I remember the nurse telling him to stop talking until my contraction was done. He starts explaining to me that they’re going to break my water, if that doesn’t work they will have to insert a fetal monitor to make sure the contractions are working. If that doesn’t work, then a C-section. It baffled me that before my water was even broke, they mentioned a C-section. “Failure to Progress” or prolonged labor is the #1 cause of unplanned C-sections in the US. This could be my fate if I let the doctor tell me what to do. I said no C-section, it was not an option unless our lives were in danger!

They break my water. I instantly dilated to 5cm. I get in the tub and dilate another cm. Things were mooing quickly. When I was done in the tub, I asked for meds. I knew my body was exhausted from 4+ days of labor. If I didn’t get some rest, I would have to have a C-section. I remember asking the nurse to give me a smaller dose of an epidural and she said “Sweetie, there’s only one dose.”  By the time I got the epidural I was beginning transition. They told me to sit (REALLY AGAIN?!?!) on the edge of the bed and not move. It was nearly impossible to sit still.

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