I remember it like it was yesterday. At first I thought I was dehydrated from Hot Yoga I did the day before, but it didn’t go away. Then I thought I had the flu, because Luis had it the week before. But then, two days later, I couldn’t smell coffee without feeling sick. That’s when I knew something was up. I told Luis to pick up a pregnancy test for me. When I got home from work that night, I took the test. My heart stopped. I went out into the living room, Luis was sitting on the couch, probably watching Obama or something. I started sobbing saying “I’m pregnant!!” Luis had this stupid grin on his face and I was so upset. Luis didn’t have a job, we were still living with my parents, I had a job that paid barely above minimum wage, and we didn’t have health insurance. Not the most ideal situation to be in. After about four days, I started getting excited. God was going to have to do something, because there was nothing we could do about it now.Luis_and_Lizz_Maternity_15

We got confirmation from an ultrasound that I was about 7 weeks along. Every day I grew more in love with the little bean.

I felt sick: ALL THE TIME. I threw up at least 10 times a day for the first 3 ½ months. I couldn’t eat anything that I loved: spinach, eggs, garlic, chicken, veggies. The only thing I could keep down was Cup of Noodles and Gatorade (not very “Granola” I know). I slept about 10-12 hours a night through my whole pregnancy. But aside from feeling exhausted, morning sickness (which was really all day sickness), and a pinched sciatic nerve about 20 weeks along, I had a super easy pregnancy. I was able to work until 2 weeks before she was born. I was on my feet for 8 hours a day at the coffee shop, and I did yoga and walked everyday. I ended up only gaining 18 pounds, for which I was very grateful. In case you were wondering, when your pregnant, you must give birth. It’s only uphill from there though!

April 24th, 2 days after my due date I start having contractions about 15 min apart. No big deal. They got to about 5 min apart through the night, so by morning we call our midwife. She said come on down to get checked out. Of course my contraction slowed to about 10-12 min apart the second we pull up to my midwife’s. She checks to see if I’m dilated, but I’m only at 2cm. She sends us home. Discouraged, we made the trip home.

April 25th, I didn’t get much sleep last night. It’s my sister’s birthday, hoping our baby will be born today. My contractions stay at about 10-12 min apart and about a min long. We walk. Walk some more. And walk some more. Contractions stay the same through the night. Still no sleep and no sitting.

April 26th, contractions are the same. I keep walking. Tried getting in some naps, but the contractions are pretty strong and I can’t sleep. By the end of the night my contractions are about 7-10 min apart, and lasting about 60- 75 seconds. Still no sleep and still no sitting.

April 27th, surely today is the day. Contractions lasted through the night at about 6-7 min apart and 60 seconds long. I mainly just walked around downstairs all night long. By about 5pm my contractions are 5-6 min apart and last 90 seconds. We call Nancy. She stays on standby. I remember Grimm had started, because Luis always reminds me that I made him miss Grimm. My contractions were 4 min apart and 90 seconds long and we were headed to the Birthing Center.

Look for Part Two of my Birth Story next week. In the meantime, tell me what your pregnancy was like. Any crazy stories? 

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